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Puget Sound Landscaping Employees

Our year-round staff includes a landscape architect, a designer, estimator, more than ten installation crews, two maintenance crews, wholesale and retail nursery, and office staff.


Puget Sound Landscaping has an enthusiastic staff of full-time, year-round employees. Many of our staff members have worked at PSL for over 20 years, and PSL strives to create career opportunities for people who are interested in working in the landscape industry. We are skilled in all elements of landscape installation and take pride in doing our work well. We own and maintain all of our equipment enabling our employees to be skilled and efficient in the safe operation of all equipment used on our projects.


Nasario Llamas - Owner

Nasario oversees operations for all of PSL's landscape construction projects. Nasario has experience in all areas of landscape construction and has worked for Puget Sound Landscaping since 1992.


Jim Espedal - Nursery Manager

Jim is in charge of nursery stock and ensures that our plant material meets nursery standards in terms of quality and size. Jim has a BA degree in Visual Arts from The Evergreen State College. 

Jake Richardson - Maintenance Manager

Jake oversees our maintenance team and all of our landscape maintenance projects. He has worked for PSL since 1999 and has experience in both landscape construction and landscape maintenance.


Duane Householder - Project Manager and Estimator

Duane joined PSL in 2016 as a Project Manager and Estimator.  He has worked in the landscape construction field since 1985 and has experience with supply, irrigation, and design.


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